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Most people feel that it is not possible to be FORCED into giving up their beloved animal. Trust me it is possible and is happening to people and their animals’ everyday. How?  Changing government regulations both on the state and federal level, pushed by big money special interest groups such as PETA, HSUS, ALF and the extremist that follow these groups. They are taking away our right to have the animal companions of our choice and using our very own elected government officials to do it. They use false statistics, scare tactics and millions of dollars to convince lawmakers that the BANNING of exotic animals in private hands is necessary for public safety.  Exotic animal owners have known of this agenda for many years, but did nothing believing that it could not possibly amount to anything. Sadly, it has now amounted to people being forced to give up their exotic animals or incur the expense of relocating due to state and/or local bans on certain animals.  The exotic animal owners are the current targets of these activists, but it doesn’t stop there. Did you realize that these groups view ALL CAPTIVE ANIMALS as an abomination?  They feel that there should be “no human dominion over the animals”.  What this means is that man should not keep animals for his own purposes; clothing, riding, eating, or even companionship.  Are you getting it yet?  NO PETS!!  Their agenda effects each and everyone of us at some level and yet we sit idly with blinders, either in denial or hoping that someone else will do something about it.  Meanwhile these groups are making great headway, well on their way to accomplishing their agenda. 

     what would you do if forced to      
               give up your  ANIMALS?
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Chimpanzee thank-you hug. Dogs and cats enemies?  Tortoises are exotic animals.  Domestic dogs and cats , much loved companions.